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“Make white people live in shacks”

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Port Elizabeth City Hall

Dear Ratepayers, Business and Civil Society, Following the failure of MEC of Local Governmenet Mlibo Qoboshiyane in September 2013 to deliver on his promise to place the NMB Metropolitan Municipality under administration for failure to comply with important regulations, mainly Read more

Obsessions and compulsions

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Obsessions and Compulsions

Touching rituals (for instance having to touch the light switch three times before going to bed), counting rituals, washing compulsions (an example is having to wash your hands five times after going to the toilet), obsessive neatness, obsessive intrusive thoughts Read more

Die liefdesoutjie (met resep)

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“Wat is matchmaking in Afrikaans”, vra Hendrina? “Dis daai liefdesoutjie wat met sy pyl skiet”, antwoord Mielies terwyl sy haar pen se agterkant kou. Wetenskap is nie vir haar nie, maar die chemie van die liefde tiekel haar sedert haar Read more

Writing a Book.

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“One day I am also going to write a book”. Words I have heard many times, but very few people ever do. They find the mystique and romanticism associated with being an author, attractive and something they can aspire to. Read more

Handling currency in South Africa

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Travel Tips

For first-time travellers to South Africa, there are a number of important considerations that should be made when it comes to managing currency abroad. Port Elizabeth, often referred to as the ‘Friendly City’ or the ‘Windy City’, has a population Read more

The Rainbow Nation

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South African Culture

After twenty years of democracy South Arica is only that – a democracy. The one common ground between the different races is that we all share the same citizenship and are ruled by a democratically elected government. Rainbow, as a Read more