Cooking with Flava: Country Style Mash [video]

John Burger from Flava Restaurant in Richmond Hill Port Elizabeth shows us how to prepare a meal consisting of Pan seared rare beef fillet (chateaubriand ) on a bed of country style Mash, wok fried chunky Baby vegetables in a fresh tomato pesto sauce,topped with brie, biltong and a Balsamic/Orange glaze.

Country style Mash
250g peeled potato
100g butternut
Fresh basil
Fresh coriander
8 pitted and chopped black olives
50g butter
Parmesan cheese to taste
lemon zest and juice
salt and pepper to taste

Boil butternut and potato until soft, drain and add butter until melted.
Mash the mix to slightly chunky consistancy and add basil,coriander,parmesan, S&P, lemon juice, zest and olives.
Mix in evenly

250g Beef fillet
Coat fillet in olive oil and sear in a frying pan over high heat until med rare. Remove steak from heat and coat with teriyaki/honey sauce( 50ml teriyaki 20ml honey ) and return to heat a cook until a sticky coating appears. Remove from heat again and allow to stand.

Balsamic/ Orange Glaze
200ml good quality orange juice
75ml balsamic vinegar
50g brown sugar
Honey to taste

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and reduce to a smooth glaze. Add extra sugar or honey if necessary.

Baby veggie mix and pesto sauce
Assorted veg….patty pan, mange tout, baby corn, mushrooms, red peppers, baby marrow.

Wok fry veggies on high heat until al dente and add the tomato sauce( fresh blanched tomatoes blended with a dash of honey and basil pesto ).

Serve a generous dollop of mash in centre of plate. Place the seared fillet carefully at a slight angle on the mash and serve the veggies creatively around the mash.
Slice Brie and biltong and layer carefully on top of the steak. Drench the steak with the balsamic/orange glaze. garnish with thyme or rosemary. DIG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheats Granadilla Panna Cotta
500ml good quality cream
60g castor sugar
2,5ml vanilla extract
45ml full cream milk
8g gelatine
15ml water
50g white chocolate
3/4 fresh granadillas ( only use the pulp and seed )

Heat cream, sugar, vanilla and bring to a slow boil
Remove from heat and add chocolate and allow to melt into the mix
Combine gelatine,milk and water and allow to sponge
Once gelatine mixture is firm, dissolve over a bowl of boiling water
Add the dissolved mixture to the cream mix and add the granadilla pulp.
Mix together

John Burger

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