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Employment opportunities in South Africa - Port Elizabeth Mandela Bay

Employment opportunities in South Africa

Employment opportunities in South Africa
Beach solitude

It’s just funny when you realize there are employment opportunities everywhere in South Africa. The country is not under sanctions, tyranny, in a war or anything the rest of Africa seems to be experiencing. Maybe the reason why the continent admires Mzantsi. However my topic is not on politics. This column is about things that matter in personal lives – like jobs and health. Did anyone say jobs?

South African Entrepreneurs

For a week now I have seen two young South African entrepreneurs. I admired their business acumen –really. They told me how they could not succeed in the classroom but just failed to accept defeat. Two daring spirits, they took matters into their own hands. They sell their goods (fruits, roasted-bread and muffins) at a busy location taxi rank. In the mornings one can never miss them. To them its busy business time while everyone is rushing-off to work. I asked one how much they make on a good day, I was shocked. Something around R200! Now imagine how much they make in a good month. All tax free I guess. Most people receive less at the end of the month in their 12hr jobs.

Business Ideas

It might not be your best place to work but the idea is that anything you can put your mind to can be your salvation. There is a granny who made a fortune by selling tumble-weed in the US. Imagine tumble-weed. Today “her” tumble-weed is found on most intersections and roads on the American east coast.

What’s your fear? What’s your idea? These young men saw an opportunity and took a bold step and are on their way to owning their futures. They did not wait for someone to hand over a job to them. Yes they were not academic wiz’s, but they were intelligent enough to realize that most of us rush-off to work and do not prepare breakfast or a lunch box. And they were bold enough to try out their idea. It’s not a big corporate job but they surely are smiling to the bank. You won’t find them hanging around street corners with a panga in hand.

South Africa Jobs

Now tell me that the world is nasty. We always accuse the government, racism, foreigners, multinational companies, in fact everyone around us for taking away jobs. Worse still graduates are also crying in the same voice. A good degree can be a person’s undoing sometimes. We have many graduates who are victim to their education. Wake up! As a graduate you are supposed to be insightful and create employment. You are robbing us.


Do you have a good business idea? Do you see how you can solve some else’s problem? Do you have a plan of how to go about solving people’s problems? Problems make good business and people are never out of problems. Now there is your opportunity! It takes an open mind to break barriers.

Until next time. Keep looking!


I enjoyed reading your article, however, even when you have all the necessary educational, creative aspirations. PE has no job opportunities, no career advancement. I think the only place to live and aspire to greater things is in the Golden City named Joburg. I have tried every avenue to secure a job in PE, but to no avail. Joburg here I come.

I moved here from JHB really optimistic in starting my own business in a field that was proven to work in the “Golden City”. It didn’t. PE is different. To all other major cities in SA. What works everywhere else, just doesn’t work here.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I had to adapt. I really didnt want to go back to the muck and stress and you name it. 10 years later, I am still running my business in PE and doing very well. The idea is to think out of the box. Why rely on someone else to employ you?

I adapted to the mind set here. I must say it’s quite predictable and I think I should give a seminar on it 🙂 Once you have the technique, it’s a hell of a lot easier than JHB. Sure the rates I charge are lower, but not all my client are from PE. Thinking out the box my business now doesn’t rely on PE at all.

It was a huge struggle in the beginning, but worth the perseverance in the end. I am glad I stuck it out. Almost got taken to the cleaners a few times. But those are just due to mistakes I made in misinterpreting the mind set here.

Best of luck to you in JHB, Yvonne.

Optimistic By Nature

in a world where everything is becoming virtual, many more opportunities exist now than they did 5 or 6 years ago. It won’t be much longer before tele-commuting will be the norm and people in PE can look for jobs in Jo’Burg without having to move. I think a lot of those opportunities exist already, but not many people are aware of that fact and believe in old-school thinking and therefore never even bother to try.

Now Tai I made some effort and read some of the comments either you or someone clever made. Yes I know this for a fact that there are no real career options, and no career advancements. This I understand all too well.However I also understand to always avoid alliteration. The reason I left Johannesburg is not necessarily to come and start a life to make a lot of money, instead to move to Port Elizabeth and have a moderate quality of life. I know comparisons are just as bad as cliche’s, but I’m here now and not leaving anytime soon. What o what can I do to find an alright paying job where I do not have to deal with children what so ever. I am a teacher at the moment and want to get out of the hellhole of teaching. Wait I’m saying too much. Please try if you can, which I’m sure you are more than capable of to give me some advice.

Hi Gideon, unfortunately I do not have a short and direct answer for you. My advice, look at what skills and experience (you are from the ‘big city’) that you can offer local companies and businesses outside of the education sector. For example, perhaps you were a teacher of accounting, which means you can probably help the local mom-and-pop shops with their bookkeeping… Hope you get my drift. I am sure there is something that you can offer out of the classroom if you look hard at yourself… then go out and market yourself! If you are good perhaps why not buy a shelf company and run your own small business or consultancy – in this age of the internet, you can even serve companies in other cities whilst working here. I am not exactly great with ideas, but hopefully, I gave you something to think about… Good Luck!

i would like to get in contact with Karel above. Anyone has a contact of him.


I got to know SA in the transition days, while posted as Venezuelan diplomat to Namibia, and became impressed with its huge potentialities. Now, retired, I keep dreaming with the posibility to return there, in some academic post linked to Spanish or world history teaching, to enjoy your people´s friendship and contributing to make it, really, a prosperous and harmonious Arc-en-Ciel country. Ready to go at any time.

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