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Ha-ha-ha… a chicken that came before an egg! - Port Elizabeth Mandela Bay

Ha-ha-ha… a chicken that came before an egg!

Ha-ha-ha… a chicken that came before an egg!

To those of you who missed the headline – what comes before the other, a chicken or an egg? I asked myself the same question recently.

After scanning a few local tabloids for some juice scandals or some political high drama that I might had missed, I found myself scanning their Classifieds sections – for nothing exactly initially but then began to look at vacancies.

I am not in the market at the moment but thought it would not hurt to know what’s happening, hey… I was astounded.

The job market has never changed a bit ever since I too walked out of varsity

I found that over 80% of all adverts for positions in the papers (more so in the marketing and design industry) require many years of experience even from new graduates that have just joined the job search queue.

How does a recent graduate get a foot in the door?

Seriously, how is a recent graduate supposed to gain two or more years’ experience when they have just obtained their Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree?
How is one supposed to get this experience if companies never offer positions for the newly-qualified in the first place?

I thought you get an egg first then, within the right conditions, 21 days later you get a chick which grows into a chicken!

Unfortunately, I still of only a handful of companies that understand this and go out of their way to give a graduates an experiential chance and mentorship.

Having been a ‘recent’ graduate myself at one point, I can understand the frustrations of the educated-but-unemployed group.
Sometimes all the young people want is just to be given that chance to get going and prove their ability or creativity instead of sending out CV after CV only to be told; “…you do have good grades but unfortunately, we are looking for someone with experience”.


Recruiters and companies can also take ‘special’ consideration of recent graduates who are willing to start from the bottom and work their way up.
I do not fully understand how the recruitment industry gets rewarded for finding the star candidates but perhaps and this may mean companies might need to compromise a bit.

Harvesting where they never planted

I have also often seen some companies that never want to take inexperienced graduates but are always on the lookout to ‘poach’ them away from the companies that took them (often smaller companies) in after a few years.

It’s robbery because these small guys invest skills and time in these unrefined graduates before ‘companies that don’t hire recent graduates’ lure them away.

Perhaps there is a bigger story to this but I think someone has to give recent graduates a chance as well – three or four years studying only to have doors shut in your face because you do not hold five years’ experience in a particular field is absurd.


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