Fight against corruption and mismanagement

Fight against corruption and mismanagement
Port Elizabeth Rate Payers Association

The Nelson Mandela Bay Rate Payers Association have long been looking out for the rights of every rate payer in the city. They have struggled against an overwhelmingly indifferent attitude that exists within the government structures of our home town. As the situation in the Metro worsens, it’s time to get involved. Please read the message below, written by the NMBRA, regarding some of the legal avenues they wish to explore in order to force the hand of the MEC to take action.

Also, please download this document and consider signing it. Thousands of signatures are needed in order to be effective. Completed forms can be faxed to 086 541 3425 or emailed to

“Dear Friends, Business, Ratepayers and Civil Society,

Please take a minute to read this message. There has been no better time for action than now and we urge you to stand with us in the fight against corruption and mismanagement.

A few years ago group of concerned ratepayers founded the NMB Ratepayers Association; an association that is growing rapidly in numbers as the situation in the metro deteriorates. The association has held many meetings with all leading role-players in the metro such as the MEC, NMB Executives including the Mayor, all the various Municipal Managers, HOD’s, big business, Business Chamber, SAPS, other political groups such as Cosatu, SACP etc. in an effort to become a unified force to resurrect our dysfunctional metro. This unity now exists and we wish to represent you, the ratepayer of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

The NMBRA have taken time to research and follow the long winded legal routes with expensive high court challenges, many still to be heard, ensuring due processes are observed, always staying within the legal boundaries and operating an open door policy.

The voluntary committee have spent thousands of their own finances, dedicated hundreds of hours, held protest marches, appeared on all TV stations, including Carte Blanche, held radio interviews and held road shows to expose mismanagement, sometimes being threatened for their actions. With the backing of extremely concerned big business, ex councillors, ex mayors, municipal workers and the general public outcry, the NMBRA have decided the time is right for the ratepayers of he Metro to take action to affect control of the finances we provide to the Municipality.

At the NMBRA public meeting, held on 6th August, it was agreed to enter into a dispute against the municipality for many reasons, mainly that of a proven dysfunctional organisation. It is believed that the NMBM currently has 15 days cash reserves where the law requires a minimum of 60 days. This places them in a precarious financial position and offers the Ratepayers powerful leverage. A decision was taken to enter a dispute against the municipality possibly resulting in an opportunity to withhold rate payments. This could result in the municipality being forced into administration. It is hoped that Administration can be avoided and negotiations entered into where the representatives of the NMB Ratepayers will be given the opportunity to effect control over the spend of Ratepayers money, so ending mismanagement & misappropriation of this vital resource, resulting in tangible improvements for the metro.

Briefly, we will deliver these dispute documents to the NMBM to warn them of a legal dispute action resulting in a ‘’withholding of rates’’ by ratepayers, followed by a well-structured document to the MEC in Bhisho for a 14-day response to dissolve the council. If the MEC fails our demands we will go to Minister Derek Hanekom and national government were after we will start withholding rates.

To make this action possible, we ask that you fill in and sign the attached dispute letter, separately applicable to each property you own in the metro and return it to our office address:

Tel: 041 8190082 / 041 8190084
fax2email: 086 275 1151
Physical drop off: 371 Cape Road

There are no legal implications that can be held against you by signing the dispute form.

We need thousands of replies by 28th August to be effective, so please take the opportunity to share this email and dispute letter with as many contacts as you can. Kindly distribute to everyone you know. If you are able to join the Ratepayers Association at this time, your membership would be warmly welcomed. Please visit our website for details on becoming a member. (R35pm for individuals).

In appreciation of your action for the future of Port Elizabeth. NMB Ratepayers Association”

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Nelson Mandela Bay Rate Payers Association

We are not promoting the idea of not paying your account. That in fact would be illegal according to the law. However, as a ratepayer, you are a client of the Municipality and the court did leave room for ratepayers to address their concerns. The court did rule that ratepayers are obliged to pay their accounts. It also said, the ratepayer doesn’t have to pay for a service they did not receive. We are busy quantifying that in accordance with the Municipal Systems Act. Every part of that Act will be scrutinised and all shortcomings of the Municipality will be exposed.

There is a process to withholding (let me clarify our definition of withholding: paying the undisputed amount of your account, or all of it, but into a trust account administered by a reliable and trustworthy third party). The first step is the declaration of the dispute, hence the forms being handed out. We will formulate a strategy that will at no time endanger the ratepayers or lead to them being cut off. We rely on Attorneys, both local and National level and we will keep everyone updated about the when and how.

The momentum has definitely shifted in the favour of the ratepayers. If 1000-2000 of us do decide to withhold our rates, will the Municipality cut them all off and risk a disastrous public outcry?? That is something we will have to weigh up.

Nelson Mandela Bay Rate Payers Association

Urgent Message: Fellow Ratepayers, Business and Civil Society

We at the NMB Ratepayers Association are humbled and overwhelmed by the response we have received for you, the community of Nelson Mandela Bay. At last count, we have printed/received over 3500 dispute forms and they are arriving faster than we are able to process them. It is clear evidence that we will no longer tolerate being mistreated & financially abused.

Therefore, we would like to announce that the deadline of August 28th for the submission of your dispute forms has now been extended indefinitely. We are planning to submit the dispute forms already forwarded to us on Tuesday the 3rd September. We will continue to receive your dispute forms and keep submitting all new forms to the Municipal Manager accordingly.

Again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support, confidence and trust you have given the NMB Ratepayers Association. We will continue to strive to serve the community to the best of our ability. We shall keep you up to speed with all our progress and step by step action to be taken. We will let you know when to start “delaying payment” or to start our withholding action.

Please we know NMB Metro got 500 000 ratepayers and we believe with extending the time we will get more of that 500 000 to unite with our dispute action against a dysfunctional corrupt Metro.

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