Nkandla Pool Brigade

Nkandla Pool Brigade
Fire Fighter

Yesterday’s ministerial feedback about the security upgrades at Nkandla must be the most unimaginative joke of the century. How can the securocrats expect the general public and the world to believe that the upgrading of a chicken pen and cattle kraal, at such a high cost, are necessary security expenses? The most hilarious of all is the National Police Commissioner’s explanation as to how the swimming pool is a required security measure.

The possibility of South Africa being invaded by aliens is much higher than the chance that the Nkandla swimming pool will ever be used in a fire fighting role.

If the swimming pool was built as a fire fighting mechanism, the National Police Commissioner forgot to mention the cost of the fire buckets that will be needed to fulfil the intended role of this flame extinguishing tool. How else does she think the people will get the water to the fire?

We must be the laughing stock of the entire world. Imagine the headlines, ‘bucket wielding mob brings fire under control at presidential residence.’

Just days ago the globe witnessed the efficiency of the South African security system when we hosted more than 90 Heads of State during the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Now the same people, who boasted about our technology and advanced security, wants us to believe their Nkandla story. We are not that ignorant.

There is one last question that needs to be answered: Why were the same so called security measures not put in place to protect former President Nelson Mandela? I see no fire fighter’s swimming pool at his residence in Qunu. And was this ever declared a national key-point?

All of this deceit whilst we are supposedly following the legacy of Madiba.

Liar, liar – pants on fire !!

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