Port Elizabeth Metro reneges on promises yet again.

Port Elizabeth Metro reneges on promises yet again.
One Way Down

It has now been 2 month since the MEC met with various stakeholders of this City and made certain promises which he has again failed to keep. Namely, he committed that the NMB Metro will have a permanent City Manager by the end of September 2013. It is now November and no suitable candidate has been secured yet to fill the position. It seems another costly & lengthy headhunting exercise is about to commence.

We all signed dispute forms to start withholding rates and we had to do some research to make sure that you the ratepayer will not be effected by service suspension. We met with relevant parties and our legal team is working with us in this regard. They are on alert for any default by the NMB Metro.

One of our biggest challenges has been to protect you from electricity disconnections and blockade of prepaid electricity. The fact is if you paid your NMBM account late or are in arrears the Metro will deduct up to 60% of your prepaid electricity purchase and this is where they are failing you as a ratepayer. Before the Metro is allowed to deduct any amounts from your prepaid electricity purchase, block your meter or simply disconnect your electricity, they must by law serve you with a WRITTEN 14 days notice which they must attach to your building if you are not at the premises.

If you disconnected, blocked or have amounts deducted without the obligatory 14 day written notice, contact us via email with your complaint. You may even forward your complaint directly to the NMB Metro and flood them with complaints. They know very well they are not allowed to deduct any amounts from your prepaid purchase without giving you a 14 days written notice.
Send your email
1) Mr Corrie Steenkamp at csteenkamp@mandelametro.gov.za or contact him at 041 506 1258
2) Mr Malcolm Sandt at msandt@mandelametro.gov.za or contact him at 041 506 1844.

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