Riaan Labuschagne: Photos of Port Elizabeth

View from King's Beach
Port Elizabeth Architecture
Walmer Township
King's Beach
Shark Rock Pier
Port Elizabeth Architecture
Port Elizabeth Harbour
Ironman Contestants
King's Beach
Dunes at Maitland's River Mouth
Port Elizabeth Architecture
Hobie Beach
Port Elizabeth Architecture
Stadium built for the 2010 soccer World Cup
The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex
Maitland's River Mouth
Sardinia Bay
Port Elizabeth Coastline
Donkin Hill
Donkin Hill
SAS Protea
View from Shark Rock Pier

Riaan is a professional photographer and has contributed a large number of photographs to this site. These images of Port Elizabeth were taken over a period of many years and we have been given permission to use them here. Contact Riaan directly if you wish to use these pictures as part of your own project.

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