Royalston, enchanted outdoor living

Royalston, enchanted outdoor living
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The Royalston development is a property measuring close to 1000 Ha in size, characterised by pristine coastal vegetation consisting of ancient Milkwoods, Yellowwoods and the like, with open grasslands stretching over rolling hills and freshwater streams feeding the largest lake in Port Elizabeth, also found on the property. It is a space worth preserving for future communities where like minded people share their care and appreciation of the environment by creating tranquil and sustainable living spaces.

The development is located on the southern boundary of Kragga Kamma Road and Lakeside Road, east of Colleen Glen, extending south towards the ocean. Royalston is located a mere 22 km from the CBD of Port Elizabeth and just 15 km from the airport. The closest major shopping centre, Walmer Park, is just 12 km away with another major retail park, the N2 Gateway development, only 8 km north of Royalston, earmarked for commencement in 2012. The Royalston development is thus in a position to offer an opportunity of living within a fully- fledged game reserve with the conveniences of everyday city living. No longer will the residents of Royalston need a vacation home, the best of both worlds are found in this opportune development.

Imagine a world that combines nature’s splendour with the convenience of urban living, in a space that has been specifically designed to match your taste and lifestyle. A place where your free time will be spent on your passion for outdoor living and nature conservation while your everyday work life can be easily integrated into your new home. This is exactly what the new Royalston development aims to offer.

The Royalston development is truly one of a kind, and once you have set foot on this awe-inspiring property, your heart and imagination will be captured by its sheer beauty and natural surrounds. Whether you’d prefer to sit around a fire at your home as the sun sets over the deep blue Indian Ocean, admiring herds of zebra, wildebeest and eland grazing near your back porch, or whether you prefer relaxing at the reserve’s Royalston Hotel, sharing a sundowner with your fellow homeowners, each passing moment living here will be a blissful memory to add to a blessed and privileged life at Royalston.

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