Sardinia Bay

Sardinia Bay
Sardinia Bay Port Elizabeth

Sardinia Bay, situated between Schoenmakerskop and Sea View, is accessed by traveling along Sardinia Bay Road. This popular beach has picnic facilities and is regarded as one of the best walking beaches in the country. Fishing is not permitted as the coast has been declared a Marine Reserve, but snorkeling and scuba diving is allowed and proves to be quite popular with many beach goers. Sardinia Bay is also the starting point of the very popular eight-kilometer Sacramento hiking trail.

Over the years authorities have struggled to keep the sand dunes in check and have recently given up the battle, leaving the dunes to take their natural course. This has seen a dramatic change in the layout of the beach as the sand continues to bury many man-made features including the wooden walkway in the photo above. Certain parts of the road are no longer accessible to motor vehicles, forcing visitors to walk an extra 500m to the picnic area.

Many have claimed Sardinia Bay to be under threat due to the constant changing dunescape, but this is not entirely true. Although the dunes have moved and covered a portion of the very last stretch of road, the beach itself still remains magnificent. There is, however, no longer a protected swimming area as lifeguards do not service the beach.

Getting to the beach requires a bit of legwork, but once the first dune has been conquered, a vast stretch of unspoilt coastline makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Visitors are encouraged to be vigilant, as there have been various crime related incidents in the area, but as of this writing, a car park has been cleared and security guards posted to help prevent theft from vehicles.

The vast stretch of sand and relative quietness of the beach make Sardinia Bay a popular destination for dog owners and horse lovers. On windy days, kite surfers enjoy having the beach to themselves.

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I grew up swimming on this beach. It’s such pity it has become unmanageable. Although the beach is still as beautiful as it has been, it’s definitely not the same. The vibe has gone. No more lifeguards 🙂 No more brakwurst wagon. Very sad.

The Bockwurst wagon is still there, and the beach still proves to be very busy on weekends, judging by the carpark. The little bit of extra effort to get access to the beach is well worth it, and it is the one place we always take foreign visitors, as there is not much like it anywhere else in the world while still being easily accessible.

I love this beach I grew up surfing here yes I was one of the locals but now I’m a local at fortunes rocks maine usa

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