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Short-sighted Dysfunctional Metro does it again! - Port Elizabeth Mandela Bay

Short-sighted Dysfunctional Metro does it again!

Short-sighted Dysfunctional Metro does it again!
No Plans

Dear Ratepayers, Business and Civil Society,

Yet another typical example of a dysfunctional Metro; NO building plans can be approved due to the Metro not having the position of Inspector filled. The Acting Executive Director Human Settlements Directorate is not approving the appointment of the only candidate to pass the competency test, allegedly because he is Caucasian.

This means that ALL development in the Metro has come to a complete HALT because the above Acting Executive Director refuses to approve the only competent candidate for the position. This is yet more of a reason why we as ratepayers are busy with the dispute action. We will not rest until this Metro is brought to task and we see the end of corruption and incompetence.

During the meeting with the MEC 3 weeks ago, he once again referred to implementing Section 154 of the Constitution. He began implementation of this Section 154 in early 2011 when he assigned Mr Hani to the Metro as Acting MM. Eight months ago he sent 6 managers under the same Section 154 to our Metro and from 2011 to date section 154 has been nothing but a waste of time and we as ratepayers and business are paying the price. Furthermore, Section 154 is an advisory provision which means the recommendations reached by the MEC’s team DO NOT require implementation by the Metro. During the meeting with the MEC, he committed to the entire Coalition that should the Metro fail to accept the recommendations set out by his team within 3 months, he will invoke Section 139 and place the Municipality under administration.

Unfortunately, we have heard these empty promises many times over the past 3 years. However today we are much wiser. We now realize, after recent meetings with the MEC, Acting MM, Mayor and Deputy Mayor that all they are attempting to do is pull the wool over our eyes until after next year’s General Election.

Why are the DA so quiet?

Where are the DA?? Why is it that the Rate Payers Association are doing all the dirty work here? Isn’t the DA supposed to be taking on this mess of a Metro? Why are they so quiet? Come on DA, give us a reason to vote for you next year. You’re relying on the incompetence of the current government to gain votes. Sorry, but that is just not good enough.

Good one. We’re stuck between the lesser of the 2 evils looks like. Come election time, I bet they will be out of the woodwork.Either that or they are being excluded from any media coverage. I wouldn’t be surprised, considering where our local newspaper’s affiliations lie. Even so, no real presence out on the streets, maybe more so in the less affluent areas, who knows, but you have a point. I can’t remember when I last saw or heard from them.

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