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South Africa after Nelson Mandela dies - Port Elizabeth Mandela Bay

South Africa after Nelson Mandela dies

South Africa after Nelson Mandela dies
Township Family

Good or bad news for South Africa after Nelson Mandela dies – you choose…

Perhaps this could have been a post for another day, or another time, as the whole nation, and the world, is currently on an edge about Nelson Mandela’s condition in hospital – especially that news is not coming consistently on his condition.

After a chat with a few friends about what would happen to South Africa if Mandela dies today, I just could not stop wondering. I know some of us are probably shouting, “How dare you?”

Frankly, I understand why many people dread or frown upon discussing Mandela’s death and the prospects after. The former president, mentor and international icon is deeply loved, not just by South Africans, but by the whole world.

Some have described him as the ‘glue that binds South Africa together’ and some as ‘the blanket that warms us all regardless of colour or creed.’

Still, as dearly as I revere him, Mandela is also 94 years old and I believe he is not immortal. Today or tomorrow, as a law of nature, he will unfortunately have to move onto another dimension.

Hence, I think accepting his death and thinking about life after he is gone is not bad behavior… So don’t shoot me yet!

Life after Madiba dies – the gloom

I don’t know if you are one of those that are already losing sleep or developing ulcers over your fate after the struggle hero passes on – as if Madiba is some sort of voodoo ‘happy’ charm that currently keeps the ‘white-haters’ at bay.

Yeah, just Google; ‘fear, Mandela and death’ or ‘what will happen in South Africa after Mandela dies’, you will be shocked!

There are thousands of websites – from interest groups to social networks and news sites, saying stuff like; ‘Blacks will massacre whites after Mandela’s death’, ‘Uhuru after Mandela’s death’ or ‘White genocide after Mandela’s death in SA?’

They promote a fear that after Madiba passes on ‘black’ South Africans will no longer have reason to hold back and will arm themselves with sjamboks, knives and guns and violently take back what they believe is owed to them.

‘White’ South Africans will be driven into the sea …

“I’ve been informed that payback is on it’s way after Mandela departs… I hope I’m wrong, but reality cannot be ignored, nor the high level of impoverishment/ dissatisfaction at grass roots level. Now with Malema and his ilk seeking a following, more fiery rhetoric will be expected, further exacerbating the potential for conflict,” wrote one forum user.

Another one wrote; “The poorest of the poor will use it as an excuse to loot, the stupidest of the stupid will use it as an excuse to murder. The ANC will run away, the US (already on their way) will use it as an excuse to ‘restore order’ and secure SA’s mineral resources for themselves. And then it’s going to hit the fan. Sing your praises about harmony and ubuntu if you like. See the number of violent service delivery protests as an example of the reigning mentality in this country. Be ready or be dead.”

In fact, some far-right organisations and websites warn ‘white’ people to be prepared to protect their families from these hordes of murderous ‘blacks’ that will take to the streets and destroy everything in their path – and they say it was the ANC government’s plan all along L.

Put in short, there are some prophets of doom claiming South Africa is set to burn!

Even the media seems like its feeding off these fears with reports that the SANDF has already been secretly placed on standby after Mandela took ill in a contingency plan – although we know anything as long as it sells the paper!

The facts – for now!

Perhaps I am a bit naïve and out of contact with what’s going on the ground but chatting with my friends we wondered where people get all this things – which often tend to be premised on “them vs us”.

Really, you should read some of these websites and ‘prophesies’ with a clear mind or you will end up dying of worry – perhaps the goal of these doomsdayers.

Facts being facts, I believe if the ‘black uhuru armies’ wanted to rise up between 1994 or last night, there was not much Madiba could do to stop them… I stand to be corrected, but Mandela is not some ‘magic peace’ charm that keeps or has kept ‘black’ South Africans from attacking ‘white’ South Africans over these years.

Fact is: when Madiba passes on, we will all feel a great sense of loss – and rightly so because of what he did so that we be here today. He came at the right time to teach all of us that we can live together in harmony – IF WE CHOOSE TO, and move forward in this great land we call South Africa.

And we all knew that he has been ‘borrowed’ to us for a season!

Like any other country, there are challenges to be overcome like getting rid of unemployment, eradicating poverty and disease, creating more economic opportunities for the previously marginalized and improving on service delivery. In my opinion, this is usually the root of discontent between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in any society the world over – not just in South Africa.

What I think

I think issues of crime should be addressed as issues of crime and not used as evidence of a ‘black’ plot to kill all ‘whites’ – as some of these doomsday websites and organisations claim.

Having been mugged myself and having also read of ‘black’ citizens being robbed, murdered and raped, I believe there is no sinister racially-motive to crime. Crime is crime and must be viewed and dealt as such!

On the issue of Madiba and the future of South Africa as a nation, I would to agree with these guys who also wrote on one forum – Answerit.

One said; “I don’t think much is going to change for us when he eventually dies. So I am not going to lose sleep over that ne. I have other much more serious thing to worry about. However, I think most of them will just be very sad for a while. I know I will.”

The other wrote; “Mr Mandela, as he should rightly be called, did save us all, black and white alike, by his attitude of reconciliation and his vision of hope for the future. It is sad see, here, in Answerit, and elsewhere, that his vision for a united South Africa is fading as the ‘us vs. them’ attitude has crept back into the national psyche.

“Sad to see the so-called brighter folk on Answerit use the ‘us’ and the ‘them’ without even realising the enormity of the divide that they help create by giving further currency to its use. Hooray for those that didn’t. And when Mr. Mandela dies, a little bit of South Africa will die with him but there will be no uprising, no ridiculous Night of the Long Knives.”

In conclusion, I think lets all enjoy Madiba magic and appreciate him when we still have him and not worry about tomorrow for worry only makes us morbid!

And I wish Madiba a speedy recovery!

Note: In my posts, I always use ‘white’ or ‘black’ in quotes as only conformation to how most people write and speak. Personally, I believe we are all just South Africans – as Madiba showed us. Perhaps it is time we stop this ‘us’ and ‘them’ thing, we are all Africans. How many generations will it take for ‘whites’ to become ‘Africanised’? How many generations will it take for ‘blacks’ to accept the former settlers as part of the village? When we all come together as one people, that when Madiba’s legacy will shine!

Some sanity, finally

I must say, a bit of fresh air in this whole debate. I am sure there will be instability and it may last many months, but I find the common threads on other sites a bit laughable. I keep seeing this 70 000 blacks taking taxis into the centre of Jo’burg and shooting all the whites thing. I am curious why it’s 70 000. if it is, these 70 000 are a lot of people to not be talking about it. If 70 000 people had this plan, I am sure it would no longer be conjecture because we would all know it to be real.

This is a really well written piece. I am not saying this only because you send a positive message, but because your writing is really good. We need newspaper editors of the same quality. Well done.

That was actually a good article. I don’t believe the “blacks” will go totally ballistic on “whites” as you put it. I believe life will go on…good wording brother.

Thanks guys… i believe right now we are at the crossroads. It would be great if we could all choose to continue working together to grow this nation and address the challenges that we are facing as a collective… I believe that was the vision of the man in that Pretoria hospital and that is how we can all honour him!

We have a lot of winners in South Africa, going back is not an option… We share one dream, which is to succeed. I believe this is the time for people to live up to their fullest potential and forget about Mandela-he is just a man created by God , sent here to fullfil his purpose, not to be worshiped. We all need to understand that south africa represents our current mindset, so will the future.
Mr Mandelas biggest wish was to see South Africans change their mindset.

Having lived for several years in beautiful South Africa i really cant see the mass slaughtering of the whites happening at all. As a white man i have to say i am ashamed at the way some white South Africans speak to their fellow black countrymen and it is these people who make South Africa unsafe for all of us!!! We can live together so long as all of us black, white and any other race stop tolerating the attitude of a small minority of Afrikaaners who still believe they are superior to everyone else!!!!

Nicely written article. I don’t get the logic of murder erupting on Mr Mandela’s death, but I suppose there will always be some apprehension on the approach of some “symbolic” milestone. I am very excited about South Africans finally starting to agree politically on the dissatisfaction with the way the ANC is behaving. Hopefully we will see the emergence of a proper political party that gets the country going into the right direction.

i wish you were right – there are many people of all kinds with goodwill towards each other.

However, it is going to happen. All of the pros and cons of mass slaughter cannot be debated in physical terms. We are governed around the world by witchcraft – our president even opening the Manaung ceremonies with a witchcraft ‘cleansing’ ceremony. Marikana is another example that would be a bit more glaring if people were not so spiritually veiled. Take a look at David Icke’s web site to glean what I cannot possibly share with you in 2000 pages.

It is a global, not a local plan, that is fanned by plans provided by the world leaders. The plan is to start worldwide genocide to satisfy the mandate of the ‘Georgia Guide stones’ – Google about them and understand. The Arab spring and Syrian conflicts are just suppurating sores compared to what is in store for us.

Worldwide witchcraft dates to watch for include the 19th and 31st July for news on this front and the birth of Kate’s baby – always on a witchcraft high day! Remembering, of course, that a day starts at dusk the previous day so evening of the 18th – Mandela’s birthday and evening of the 30th July.

The rush is for Satan to devastate the world because the coming of Jesus to conquer him is almost upon us. Watch this space.

Email me if you want to know more!

Murder, rape, etc. Happens in every country around the World. It’s how you see and judge the situation at hand. I’m a 17-year old white Afrikaner currently residing in Kimberley. Like you said, if they wanted to exterminate us, they would’ve done it a long time ago. However, it raises fear amongst ourselves, and weakens the doubt that you will be hacked, or shot by your fellow South African – your brethren. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet traditional Xhosas and Zulus, they’ve trusted me enough to enlighten me about the situation, when I was 16 I went on Makweta (when Blacks go to the bush). They told me that they prefer Apartheid than the current ruling ANC. But, if it does happen. I’d rather die by the hand by somebody that I once stood next to at a Bafana or Springbok game and not an immigrant.

Yes, Jesus reign’s, put al your fears at His feet.

As a white 51 year old Woman growing up in the apartheid era raised in a Convant there was no apartheid ! i have great admiration for Madiba and what he has taught us. I have to say your article is Brilliant Tai! i have been hijacked twice ..have been cursed by young black kids and what concerns me they where born after 1994 …we all need to get over it ..build a bridge and move on together as a true Rainbow Nation and as Mr Mandela once said we were not born with hatred it was learned…. and we can unlearn that …replace it with love and compassion reach out and touch someones hand! I am proud to be South African….. love my country…. and my people. I want the sun to shine over all!

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