Women are drawn to power like men are to beauty

Women are drawn to power like men are to beauty
LM-H Kompakt

Although men’s fascination with feminine beauty is a universal and lifelong condition, women’s attraction to men is more complex. Girls become aware of the opposite sex much sooner than boys. Young girls in primary school firstly have to break through the boy’s apparent non interest in girls to get him to notice her. Young boys of a similar age belong to a pack that is exclusively male. They form brotherhoods, play and do sport together and their only focus is on themselves and their friends. Apart from their mothers, their world is mostly male orientated. They associate themselves with their fathers and prominent sport stars.

But the subtleties of girls and women should never to be underestimated. The girl has to awaken the boy’s natural instinct to hunt and to make herself the only attractive prey. She does not want to do all the hard work and create an awareness in him to the benefit of another girl. Her strategy will be one of stealth, mystery and attraction to keep the hunt going.

To be noticed and to keep his interest focused on her is the basic genetic female strategy for male entrapment. Women throughout the ages have been using this strategy instinctively in one way or the other depending on their age.

A girl’s courting ritual in primary school is really special to observe. In an anonymous letter, decorated in colourful hearts and kisses, the girl will tell the boy that she loves him. It will be passed to him by someone in the class or planted on his desk or school bag. When he reads the letter it is as if he has been struck by a bolt of lightning. He might change colour and look around the class to determine where the letter is coming from or pretend not to be interested. But inside, his pride will be overflowing.

In that flash of a moment his first hunt had begun. The hunter has become the hunted. The boy now has to find out which girl had sent the letter. The girl will assist him to come to the right conclusion by teasing or talking to him. If he still fails to unravel the clues, the girl will send her best friend to tell him who it is that is liking him. If he likes the girl, he as a boy now has a difficult decision to make because he might be the first in his group of friends that has attracted the attention of a girl. It is a big step for a young boy to tell his friends that he has found a girlfriend. They might tease him but deep down inside they will envy him.

The power of love conquers all.

At an early age girls go for the popular boys, the extrovert, the natural athlete and the one that makes them laugh. The boy’s looks play a part but it is the boy that projects life and laughter that gets the nod.

In High School teenage girls also follow the pre-historic time tested female strategy of getting the boy that she wants. But instead of using an anonymous letter to express their feelings they user their bodies and femininity to do the talking.

At this level, both boys and girls are primed for the hunt. According to the teenage rules of engagement, the only thing the girl has to do is to be as pretty and sensual as she can be and to make sure that she is noticed by the group of boys that the girls have labelled to be cool.

The girls dress as sensual and sexy and are like shark bait drifting in the ocean.

In addition to his physical and sexual appeal, girls also require the boy to have some form of status or group recognition. Teenage girls are attracted by the boy’s look and status in school. Even the financial status of the boy’s parents is a requirement for consideration. A nice car, big home and ability to host house parties for his friends is an additional attribute. Just to be his ordinary good looking self is not enough to place a boy on the girls top ten list.

During early adulthood there seem to be more additions to the girl’s earlier requirements of physical attractiveness and status in a potential partner. As their season for marriage draws closer, young women also look for attributes such as compatibility, companionship, ambition, sense of humour and future financial stability.

A woman will seldom relent and will only marry once she finds the man that fits into her perfect picture of expectations. Generally women believe that they can change a man into what they want. Women want an attractive, loving, faithful and financially successful man as a husband. A woman measures a man’s love for her by what he does for her. He must be provider, lover, father and helper.

It seems that success in a man attracts beauty in women and beauty in women attracts success in men. Irrespective of age, rich and successful men have beautiful women as partners and beautiful women have successful husbands.

Is it a trade off between beauty and success or is it nature’s natural selection process to only multiply the best and strongest gene pool.

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I disagree with this article. It’s not about power and money, it’s about the ability to make decisions. This can be mistaken for “controlling” as the last comment suggested, but it’s not that at all.

If you are not confident enough as a man to make the decisions in a relationship you will lose respect. The “I don’t know, honey, what would you like to do” has never made anyone into an idol.

It’s about being firm, yet fair and taking control. If you can do that you don’t need to be super wealthy, or famous or whatever. These are only outer signs of a person who can take charge.

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