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The Best Beaches In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Featured Post Image - The Best Beaches In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth is a great family holiday destination with something for everyone. If you are looking to spend time on the beach, there are a lot of choices available. Whether you want somewhere safe for the children to enjoy the water or want to go kitesurfing, there is a beach for you.

Blue Horizon Bay

If you want a bit of seclusion, this is the beach for you. It is a great beach to spend the day relaxing on the sand or strolling along the edge of the water. If you are there during the evening, you can watch the sunset over the water from the top of the dunes.

As the city is only a short drive away, this beach is great when the hustle and busy of the city become too much. You can stay in the small town of Blue Horizon Bay if you want to spend your holiday on the beach. The beach is also close to the Garden Route and all its appeal.

Sardinia Beach

If you want your time of the beach to be a bit more energetic, you should head to Sardinia Beach. This is a long beach that is pet-friendly so your dogs can run around. The beach also has a safe bay allowing you to get into the water for an invigorating ocean swim.

If you want a bit more activity, the beach is popular with kite-surfers. As Port Elizabeth is known as the Windy City, you can take advantage of the gusts on offer. If kitesurfing is not for you, you can boogie board down the dunes along the beach.

Pollock Beach

If you love surfing, you should head to Pollock Beach or Pipe as it is known to the locals. This beach offers a fairly reliable left and right beach break making it popular with surfers. The parking lot is close to the water, so you do not have to carry your board very far. The Life Saving Club is on the beach ensuring regular lifeguards and beach patrols.

If you are not up for surfing, there are snorkeling spots and natural rock pools. There is also enough space for the children to build sandcastles. As this beach has so much to offer, it can become very busy. However, the Summerstrand hopping complex is opposite if you need to get off the beach.

Hobie Beach

This is a blue flag beach and often called the Clifton of Port Elizabeth. This beach has everything you could want, but it is extremely popular and will become very busy. The shoreline of the beach is sand trapped which creates the perfect swimming conditions.

The beach not only offers sand and sea, but it also has a promenade and restaurants. There are boat-launching sites and diving operators, so you never feel bored. The pier is also busy with people walking along it and enjoying the views of the water.


If you want to get away from the wind for a bit, this is the beach to visit. Known locally as Schoenies, this beach is full of rock pools, sandy bays for swimming and little coves. The numerous picnic spots also make it a great beach for children. It is also protected from the wind, so you never worry about sand in your food.

The beach is also the start of the Sacremento hiking trail. As you take the trail or sit on the beach, you should keep an eye out for dolphins in the waves.

There are a lot of great beaches in and around Port Elizabeth. There are some blue flag beaches that you can visit which are busier than other beaches. Regardless of what you want to do, there will be a beach that offers it.

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