Best areas to stay in Port Elizabeth

Featuring a flourishing food culture, acquiring influences from Portuguese and Malaysian traditions, and also a lot of seafood choices, Port Elizabeth is really a melting pot for tastes and flavors. With a few exceptional swimming and bathing beach locations, and also nearly every watersport available, and incredible marine life (whales and dolphins could be seen all year round) there is a lot to stay traveller’s in Port Elizabeth entertained.

The city center, once an area to be refrained from, has been smartened up in the past few years, owing to various urban regeneration developments, and now features a flourishing café culture. Also, there are many smart heritage buildings, especially the enchanting 19th-century Cora Terraces. Although in order to really discover the city, head out in the Donkin Heritage Trail. A convenient stop on the way in the Eastern Karoo, this is an excellent stop for wildlife lovers and Addo Elephant Park after.

Here’s a list of the best places to stay in Port Elizabeth which showcase great-value, heritage, as well as family-friendly stays.

The Best Areas to Stay in Port Elizabeth


Summerstrand is definitely an elegant and glamorous region south of central Port Elizabeth. It’s situated close to one of the most beautiful beaches around the city. A few of its spectacular beaches are Hobie Beach (place for Splash Festival), Pollock Beach (for aquatic sports), as well as the Donkin Heritage Trail.

Summerstrand is the primary leisure and entertainment center in the city. In this place, you’ll find the Boardwalk Casino Resort. This leisure complex includes stores, man-made lakes, illuminated gardens, as well as live music. Some other famous attractions in the place are the Oceanarium, the Humewood golf course, the University of Technology, and also the Summerstrand Village shopping centre.

Summerstrand is the ideal place to stay in Port Elizabeth because of its diverse entertainment choices, lavish hotels, and privileged beach front spot.


Walmer is situated to the north of Port Elizabeth, simply a 5-minute drive coming from the airport, and ten minutes coming from the beaches. Walmer is mainly an upmarket, family-oriented suburb, having a number of attractions and a much more laid-back atmosphere compared to Summerstrand or the CBD. The shopping center, Walmer Park Shopping Centre, includes over 140 shops, cafes, as well as restaurants. Additionally, the space hosts the Walmer Country Club, perfect for golf lovers.

Walmer is great for strolling, picnicking, or for those looking for a quiet and family-friendly environment. The closest train stations are Valley Station, Emerald Hill and Bog Farm, situated towards the south of the region. Walmer is one of the best places to stay in Port Elizabeth if you’re searching for tranquillity. This offers a number of essential chain hotels and well-equipped independently-owned apartment rentals.

Pollock Beach

Pollock Beach is to the north of Summerstrand, close to Marine Drive and 10th Avenue. Pollock Beach is recognized for holding a few of the highest waves in South Africa, which makes it among the best places to stay in Port Elizabeth for surfers and aquatic sports lovers. Staying close to this beach lets you experience the summer events and enjoy a few of Port Elizabeth’s finest sunsets.

The spot is opposite to Marine Drive, the road leading into the city center. Thus, Pollock Beach is a good place to stay in Port Elizabeth having a car, regardless of whether your own or a rental. Accommodation in this place consists of resorts and upmarket hotels and also you can find a few luxurious apartments having swimming pools.

Bluewater Bay

Bluewater Bay is among the beaches of North Port Elizabeth, well known for its pristine white sand and for providing connection with nature. Dolphin watching is among the primary recreation in Bluewater Bay, as well as kayak and yacht rides or even diving.

This place is likewise close to the Addo Elephant Park, the place to find lots of African elephants, five whales, exotic sharks, as well as other animal species. This place is somewhat far from the city center, so it’s ideal for tourists having a car.

Bluewater Bay is best place to stay in Port Elizabeth to experience dolphin watching and see the natural side of Port Elizabeth. To stop in this place, there are plenty of choices, from 3-star accommodations to B&Bs and pretty economical apartments near to the beach.