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8 Of The Best Indoor Activities To Enjoy In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Featured Post Image - 8 Of The Best Indoor Activities To Enjoy In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

There are so many activities one can enjoy while vacationing in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. There are plenty of guided tours that will allow you to take in the gorgeous views and wildlife of the Port Elizabeth area. However, many people tend to forget that there are a whole host of other activities that one can enjoy indoors while on vacation. As much as we hope for perfect weather, there are going to be days that it is too stormy or too hot to enjoy the natural beauty of Port Elizabeth. Below you will find eight of the best activities that you can enjoy indoors while enjoying a fun and relaxing Port Elizabeth vacation.

Hand In Hand Visual Art Studio

Take everything you know about art galleries and simply throw it out the window before you visit Hand In Hand Visual Art Studio! This is an experience like nothing you have ever experienced in the art community.


The studio is owned by brothers, Sakhumzi and Msindisi Nyendwana, and they are committed to ensuring that everyone who visits their gallery leaves with something special and unique. This gallery is more than just looking at art, it is the ability to connect with a community and on a deeper level, human beings. If you are in the Port Elizabeth area, this is an absolute must.

Volkswagen AutoPavillion

Many people would not consider the tour of an automobile factory to be on a top list of activities for a fun vacation. However, the Volkswagen AutoPavillion brings something special to the table. In addition to the factory tours, there is an incredible museum that allows you a closer look at this iconic automobile.

However, one can also see how this plant is changing the area for the better. You will leave the factory with a feel good vibe surrounding!

Baywest Mall

While in the United States our malls may be dying out, that is not the case throughout the rest of world. One can simply take a look at the baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth to see that. You can actually consider this amazing structure for a one stop experience for food, shopping and entertainment. There are movie theaters, arcades and even number cars to enjoy. It is quite easy to lose track of time in here and spend an entire day. With all of the food that is available, it may not be that bad of an idea.

South African Air Force Museum

Many people are quite surprised by how much they enjoy the South African Air Force Museum as one does not have to love aircraft to enjoy this indoor activity. There is a wide assortment of aircraft to spectate and enjoy and the history is quite entertaining. It is an excellent destination to spend a couple of hours and learn some local history!

Dockside Brewery

While in Port Elizabeth, you may feel the need to kick up your heels and enjoy a cold drink after a long day of touring the area. One of the best location is the Dockside Brewery as they have a wide assortment of local brews. However, keep in mind that it is quite difficult to enjoy just one. You will soon find yourself enjoying the local company and brews and spend much longer than you anticipated here…however, that is a good thing!

Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush but are afraid of falling or the weather is not cooperating, the Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre is the perfect location. With a wide variety of fake rock facades, this is a great location to get off your rump and get active in a safe and secure manner.

Wezandla African Craft Traders

If you are nearing the end of your trip and realized you did very little shopping for yourself of friends and family at home, the Wezandla African Craft Traders is the best destination to head to. This is a safe location to do local shopping for crafts and goods. Everything you would want to find to help remember your Port Elizabeth trip can be found here.

The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World

Finally, if you are looking for a local destination in Port Elizabeth to be thrilled, the Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World is the place to go. There are more than enough restaurants in this establishment to keep you entertained for a good while. This is a perfect destination to head to when the weather is just not cooperating.

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